Is there a fee for initial consultations?


1.) There is of course never a fee for an initial consultation, if I represent the client after the initial consultation. This applies to all initial consultations.


2.) There is never a fee for an initial consultation over the phone regarding file sharing cases. For an initial consultation regarding file sharing cases at the office in Kaiserslautern, I charge a standard fee of 75,- EUR incl. 19 % Tax, but only if you do not hire me for representation.


3.) I do charge for initial consultations in all other cases, if there is no further representation after the initial consultation. According to German law, I may charge up to 190 EUR + 19 % tax (226,10 EUR inkl. 19 % tax) for an initial consultation, if no fee is agreed upon.


If you would like an initial consultation on your case, please write an e-mail to kanzlei(at) with a brief description of your case and I will send you an offer, which will  - depending on the case - be between 75,- EUR and 226,10 EUR incl. 19 % tax.


Please keep in mind: I am glad, if my advice is "You should proceed with this". However, initial consultations are also very helpful and of great value, if the - perhaps disappointing, but honest  - advice is "you do not have a case" or simply "forget about it", as it gives you certainty and more importantly save you money by accepting a claim before it goes to court or prevents you from spending money on fruitless legal proceedings. 



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