Fines for illegal file sharing in Germany - FAQ and outline

If you have discovered a legal letter consisting of up to 15 pages under the subject Abmahnung by a German law firm named Waldorf Frommer or Daniel Sebastian or Fareds or Rasch etc. in your mailbox, you have realized - even if your German is not perfect  - that you are accused of and fined for file sharing. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions:


1. What exactly am I accused of and what am I requested to do?


If you have received a so-called Abmahnung, you are indeed accused of illegal distribution of copyrighted material via a p2p-network such as the torrent or the edonkey network. It should be noted, that whilst downloading something via a p2p-network, this data is also automatically provided within the network. So everybody that downloads data also uploads and distributes this data at the same time. Also Popcorn Time and similar websites and services are p2p-networks.


In order to make sure that this will be not be happening again, an Abmahnung (Warning Letter) has been sent to you, demanding that you will cease and desist from these kind of actions in the future by signing a so-called Unterlassungserklärung - a cease and desist declaration..


Additionally, it is demanded that you reimburse the entertainment company, whose copyrights have been allegedly infringed, for the legal fees incurred and pay a lump sum for damages, often referred to as a license fee.


These monetary claims (legal fees + license fees) can range anywhere between 124.- and  1,500.- EUR.



2. Isn't this just a scam? If this was sincere, how could they get a hold of my address?


All major and many minor entertainment companies monitor the p2p-networks for copyright infringements. If you are customer of a German internet provider such as Deutsche Telekom, TKS, Kabel Deutschland or 1&1, a dynamic IP-address is assigned to you when you access the internet. In a p2p-network the IP-address is visible. The IP-addresses are then registered and a warrant by a German court is requested that the provider has to disclose to which customer the specific IP-address was assigned to at a specific time.


Though there are also scam letters, it is more likely, that the letter and the lawyers are very real and not a scam. A notable exception were letters by the non-existent law firm “Kroner & Kollegen”. That was indeed a scam letter. 



3. These claims for payment seem to be pretty steep. Are these demands legit? What about the 5.000,- EUR, that are mentioned in the Unterlassungserklärung?


There is no easy answer to the question whether the monetary claims are enforceable, since it depends on what data was allegedly shared.


The 5.000,- EUR, that are mentioned in the Unterlassungserklärung are NOT a current claim for payment. This amount would only have to be paid as a penalty, if filesharing is done in the future although a cease and desist declaration was signed before.



4. What if I just ignore the letter?


If you decide to simply ignore the letter, this could lead to additional legal costs, since you could be sued for a cease-and-desist order. Especially, it can go as far as a preliminary injunction is being sought against you. If this is successful, this will lead to legal fees of appr. 1.000,- EUR, which are enforcable at once.



5. I feel, that I am falsely accused and I do not want to sign or pay anything.


In order to avoid what I described under 4., it is advisable to sign a cease and desist declaration (Unterlassungserklärung).


In the past, it was very advisable to do this with the amendment that this is done ohne Anerkennung einer Rechtspflichtwhich means that cease and desist is declared without admitting any guilt or obligation to do so.


I still recommend it, however by legal means, I do not think it is actuanecessary, as on 24 Sep 2013 (I ZR 219/12) the Bundesgerichtshof (High Federal Court of Germany = Highest German Court besides the German Supreme Court) ruled, that simply signing a cease and desist declaration is not an admission of guilt. This verdict was in a case regarding Unfair Business Practices and not Filesharing, but in my opinion there is no reason, why this should not apply to filesharing cases. That said, in my opinion the cease and desist declaration does not necessarily have to be modified any longer in this regard.


In any case, it is however very important, that any promises to make any payments, are crossed out or erased.



6. Will I get more of these letters, especially if I sign and pay?


There is of course a possibilty that more warning letters - also from other law firms - are sent to your home. However, from my experience this can happen regardless of the response to the first letter received.



7. What is the statute of limitations?


a) The statute of limitations on the monetary claims for legal fees is three years, beginning the 1st of January following the year of the Abmahnung:


Example: Abmahnung any time in 2010 --> statute of limitations: 31 December 2013 at 24.00 h.


b) The statute of limitations on the monetary claims for license fees is however ten years, beginning the 1st of January following the year of the Abmahnung.  



8. I simply ignored all letters. Now, after years, I received a yellow letter. Is this serious? What shall I do?


If you have received a letter by a German court, usually in a yellow envelope with a date and a signature on the outside, it is time to act.


The first letter is the MAHNBESCHEID, which comes in a yellow envelope and consists of one large sheet of paper and is the first step of a law suit. You have 14 days after you received the letter to object to the claim. If you do not object, you will receive a VOLLSTRECKUNGSBESCHEID within appr. one month after you received the Mahnbescheid.


If you have received a VOLLSTRECKUNGSBESCHEID, which resembles the Mahnbescheid in appearance, you have another 14 days to object to the claim. If you miss the 14 day deadline after the Vollstreckungsbescheid, the court case is very likely lost without the chance of an appeal and you will have to pay. 


It is good idea to stop ignoring the claims at this point and to either fight the claim or at least get a better deal.



9. Will I face criminal charges?


No. While in theory this would be possible, in practice criminal proceedings do not take place. The entertainment companies only press criminal charges in (very very) severe cases.



10. What are your fees, if I choose to retain your services to represent me?  What can you do for me?


a) A listing of my services and fees for the out-of-court stage can be found here. There is a choice of services from "only a cease-and-declaration"  to "full out-of-court-representation".


In file sharing cases, I do not charge a fee for an initial consultation over the phone. Call me at

0631 / 84 27 759  Monday to Friday between 10 am and 5 pm for a free consultation, if you like. Or write me an e-mail to kanzlei(at) and ask for a return call at a time that suits you.


If you have a low income, for instance if you are student or an intern, you might be eligible for legal aid. If you receive legal aid, the lawyer fee for out-of-court representation is only 15,- EUR incl. Tax. To be eligible for legal aid, you do not have to be a German citizen. Feel free to ask me about that option.


b) The goal is always, that you shall not pay or pay considerably less. In out-of-court cases it is my opinion, that any settlement including my fees should be less than the original claim brought against you. So even if you think you should pay something, but would like to pay less, you can give me a call and we can talk about this option.


c) In-court-representation is also available. Fees are based on the claim that is brought against you.



11. Can I hire you, although I do not live in or near Kaiserslautern?


Since 2008 I have counseled and represented clients from all over Germany, that have been fined for file sharing. File sharing cases can be easily handled via phone and e-mail and the vast majority of my clients in file sharing cases are not from Kaiserslautern, but live elsewhere in Germany and some even abroad. So if you are OK with a "distance lawyer", you are welcome to give me a call to find out, whether you would like to work with me.



Dirk Polishuk
Europaallee 10
67657 Kaiserslautern

Tel: 0631 / 84 27 759
Fax: 0631 / 27 75 73 009
E-Mail: kanzlei(at)


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  • #1

    Barbara Berry (Samstag, 06 Dezember 2014 16:02)

    My daughter downloaded an episode of the Simpsons in English as we don't understand the German. She had a letter with masses of pages from Waldorf Frommer demanding 300 euros and 169.50 expenses. We haven't shared this episode or even watched it. She also has to sign something which we don't understand. What do we do? Well be grateful for any help.

  • #2

    Dirk Polishuk (Samstag, 06 Dezember 2014 16:41)

    Dear Ms. Berry

    you or your daughter are welcome to give me a call Mon thru Friday for a free initial consultation.


    Dirk Polishuk

  • #3

    Barbara Berry (Montag, 08 Dezember 2014 13:44)

    Thanks for your prompt reply. When is the best time to phone you? We can only get reception in the porch of our house so if you can give me a time that you will be available it would be helpful.

  • #4

    Dirk Polishuk (Montag, 08 Dezember 2014 13:53)

    Dear Ms. Berry

    you can reach me today at 0631 - 84 27 759, Tomorrow all day.


    Dirk Polishuk

  • #5

    Mr. Concerned (Montag, 09 Februar 2015 15:13)

    You state: Statute of Limitations is 3 yrs. Can the Abmahnung be extended for any reason.

  • #6

    Dirk Polishuk (Dienstag, 24 Februar 2015 08:46)

    Hello Mr. Concerned,

    the statute of limitations can be extended, if there has been negotiations. Please see here for § 203 German Civil Code:


    Dirk Polishuk

  • #7

    J. Ydel (Mittwoch, 15 Juli 2015 17:54)

    We just spoke on the phone earlier. Thank you ones again for your help.

    - J. Ydel

  • #8

    Dee (Sonntag, 15 November 2015 01:00)

    Hi Dirk, am new here and am not that familiar with the rules here. Nevertheless I just received a letter from Waldorf Frommer that says I have to pay 850 Euro for file sharing. Then after a phone conversation with them, they say I have to pay 600 Euro in total but in instalments. How do i know if this is really legit and besides I thought am supposed to receive a warning letter before any charges are filed against me. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • #9

    Dirk Polishuk (Sonntag, 15 November 2015 08:02)

    Hello Dee,

    there is no law in Germany, after which a first warning letter has to be free of charge.

    Waldorf Frommer is a legit law firm and the letters are not a scam.

    You are welcome to give me a call Mon thru Friday for a free initial consultation.


    Dirk Polishuk

  • #10

    JW (Donnerstag, 14 Januar 2016 23:35)

    I also got an 850 € letter from Waldorf / Frommer . Im not a German citizen ,but just living here for a while. I just want to take care this out of the way as soon as possible, but i dont want to sign a cease and desist form. Im willing to pay the part of the amount ( like 600 €) with one payment. Is that possible to settle out with the Waldorf / Frommer .

  • #11

    Dirk Polishuk (Freitag, 15 Januar 2016 08:48)

    Hello JW,

    You are welcome to give me a call Mon thru Friday for a free initial consultation.


    Dirk Polishuk

  • #12

    CC (Freitag, 01 April 2016 09:44)

    What is court cost for a lawyer for getting Vollstreckungsbescheid against someone for a filesharing case?

  • #13

    Dirk Polishuk (Freitag, 01 April 2016 10:01)

    Hello CC,

    costs for a Vollstreckungsbescheid vary in relation to the amount sought.

    It is very important to dispute the Vollstreckungsbescheid within 14 days after it has been received, if it shall be contested. Otherwise it becomes final.

    You are welcome to give me a call Mon thru Friday for a free initial consultation and a quote on the fees to expect.


    Dirk Polishuk

  • #14

    CC (Freitag, 01 April 2016 10:20)

    Thanks for the reply. The total showed on Mahnbescheid is 1350 euros.
    The original amount was 600. Then they added lawyer fees 570 plus verfahrenkosten of 170 and some interest.
    I just received Mahnbescheid two days ago which I want to contest as I am 100% NOT GUILTY as I did not share any files.
    How likely are they to take it to court for this amount?
    Am outside Germany right now but will call you as soon as get back. Thanks

  • #15

    Dirk Polishuk (Freitag, 01 April 2016 19:49)


    if you would like to contest the Mahnbescheid you have to do this within 14 days after you have received it.

    Dirk Polishuk

  • #16

    MK (Sonntag, 24 April 2016 22:59)

    Hi please i received a letter from Ward and Frommer saying i have shared a video and also downloaded which i havent, please i would like to know how much it will cost me if you work on my case ?
    Thank you...

  • #17

    Dirk Polishuk (Dienstag, 26 April 2016 05:16)

    Dear MK,

    please find my rates here:

    Dirk Polishuk

  • #18

    LC (Mittwoch, 08 Juni 2016 13:08)

    Dear Mr. Polishuk,
    I have received a warning letter from Waldorf.
    They say I have uploaded part of a movie for around 70 seconds (!). For that I have to pay 915€ in total.
    If I sign the declaration and pay, will it all be over? What are the consequences?
    Do you know any case of "obstinacy" from these firms?
    Thanks a lot !

  • #19

    Dirk Polishuk (Mittwoch, 08 Juni 2016 13:37)

    Hello LC,

    You are welcome to give me a call Mon thru Friday for a free initial consultation.


    Dirk Polishuk

  • #20

    Hi (Dienstag, 27 September 2016 17:36)

    Hello I think i need your help and since i'm not a citizen from Germany,

    Can we have phone calls using applications?(using wifi)

    Is there any voice function on what's app or any other apps you use?

  • #21

    Dirk Polishuk (Sonntag, 02 Oktober 2016 09:52)


    a phone call via What's App is possible upon appointment.

    Please write an e-mail to for further information.


    Dirk Polishuk

  • #22

    Bastien - SiB (Dienstag, 04 Oktober 2016 20:31)

    Hey there.

    Great place to get started on this topic here.

    I made a little post on the topic with it to help expats react better to those letters when they receive one. It can be quite impressive especially when one doesn't speak German, or the administrative German for that matter! :)

    See the result here :

  • #23

    Sebastian Welch (Donnerstag, 05 Januar 2017 13:10)

    Hi and thank you for the great post.

    Just additional to this post you find also here good information:

  • #24

    Pietro (Sonntag, 23 April 2017 14:04)

    I just ignore all the letters the layer sent me , now I receved " the yellow " letter from the judge where they ask me 1000 euro for the injunction I suppouse . How should I react ?
    Best Regards

  • #25

    Dirk Polishuk (Sonntag, 23 April 2017 14:08)

    Hello Pietro,

    once the yellow letter is here, it is indeed time to act.

    You are welcome to give me a call Mon thru Friday for a free initial consultation.


    Dirk Polishuk

  • #26

    Anand (Donnerstag, 09 November 2017 05:47)

    Very useful inforrmation from your page. I have a similar situation from waldorf frommer and received a mahnbescheid. Could you please say what happens after I decline the claims and send the mahnbescheid back?

  • #27

    Dirk Polishuk (Donnerstag, 09 November 2017 13:34)

    Hello Anand

    In Filesharing cases, I offer free initial consultations over the phone.
    You are welcome to give me a call at 0631 / 84 27 759.


    Dirk Polishuk

  • #28

    Mathew (Samstag, 24 November 2018 18:37)

    I received a mahnbescheid what is your fees and what is the possibility for the law firm for to take me to court?

  • #29

    Dirk Polishuk (Samstag, 24 November 2018 20:12)

    Hello Mathew,

    if you send me a scan of the Mahnbescheid to, I can send you a fee quote.


    Dirk Polishuk

  • #30

    Aristide (Freitag, 25 Januar 2019 16:35)

    I don't understand, you are saying that even if I pay & sign others will sue me? Your point 6 doesn't really make sense to me. Thanks

  • #31

    Bob (Donnerstag, 07 November 2019 15:17)

    I spoke to Dirk Polishuk recently regarding an Abmahnung for filesharing. He is very knowledgeable about the subject and gave me honest advice. I would highly recommend anyone who has received an Abmahnung to contact him as soon as possible and follow his advice. He will put your mind at ease and will probably be able to reduce the amount you have pay. He genuinely seems to cares about your situation and isn't one those lawyers who just want to make a quick buck from you.
    I spoke to a few of the Abmahnung specialist lawyers and he was by far and away the best one I spoke to. He speaks perfect English too.
    A lawyer who genuinely cares is a very rare find indeed.
    Should I have need for a lawyer for any matter in the future, I shall definitely be engaging Dirk.
    Thank you so very much for your help and advice Dirk.

  • #32

    Rao (Samstag, 25 April 2020 10:47)

    Dear Sir,
    I received warning letter in 2013 and I engaged a lawyer like you, who has responded to them. With his good hands, I thought everything is closed. But now after 7 years, the lawyer forwarded me a fax warning on the same received by him now for me as his client, mentioning the mail that it is for my information. SInce the lawyer did not advise me to do some thing, is it to do nothing till he advise me to do some thing? I

  • #33

    Rawat (Montag, 31 August 2020 13:35)

    Hello Sir,

    We had a word today and I am really glad that you provided all the necessary information. I would like to talk to you once again and take your help in this case.

    Please let me know when I can call you again.


  • #34

    Ľuboš Chvala (Donnerstag, 21 April 2022 09:47)

    I want to ask you. If you get hypothetically so big fine from law firms for violating copyright as for example 80 000 euro. And you do not have that much at all, will you go to jail?