What are the fees in file sharing cases?


a.) Initial consultation


There is never a fee for initial consultations over the phone regarding file sharing cases.


For an initial consultation regarding file sharing cases at the office in Kaiserslautern I charge a standard fee of 75,- EUR incl. 19 % VAT, but only if you decide, NOT to hire me after the initial consultation. 


b.)  Cease-and-desist declaration, which expressly stresses, that no guilt or wrongdoing is acknowledged


For this service, I charge a fee of 35,- EUR incl. 19 % VAT. This does not include representation.


c.) Out-of-court representation in file sharing cases


Services include:


- a  cease-and-desist-declaration 


- out-of-court representation without time limitation


For out-of-court representation in file sharing cases there is fixed lump sum fees incl.19 % VAT depending on the claim per case:


1. up to 450 EUR --> 165 EUR incl. VAT


2. 450,01 EUR to 625 EUR --> 190 EUR incl. VAT


3. 625,01 EUR to 825 EUR --> 215 EUR incl. VAT


4. 825,01 EUR to 1.000 EUR --> 240 EUR incl. VAT


5. 1.000,01 EUR to 1.200 EUR --> 265 EUR incl. VAT


6. 1.200,01 EUR and above --> 299 EUR incl. VAT


6. "Flatrate" for more than one case --> 499 EUR incl. VAT.


"Flatrate" for unlimited cases applies to cases in which the download allegedly occured on the day of receipt of first warning letter or earlier. 


If you have a low income, for instance if you are student, you might be eligible for legal aid. If you  receive legal aid, the fee for out-of-court representation is only 15,- EUR incl. VAT per case. Feel free to ask me about that option. You do not have to be a German citizen to apply for and receive legal aid.




With all offers, you can upgrade at any time without additional cost, as I only charge the difference, if you upgrade later on. This also applies to the Flatrate.




From only cease and desist declaration (35,- EUR) to out-of-court-representation (215,- EUR), the additional fee would be 180,- EUR.


From one out-of-court-representation (165,- EUR) and a second out-of-court-representation (190,- EUR) to Flatrate (499,- EUR), the additional fee would be  144,- EUR (499,- EUR  - 190,- EUR  - 165,- EUR = 115,- EUR).


d.) In-court representation in file sharing cases


Please inquire for fees for in-court representation, if you have received  a law suit.


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