Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims in Germany 

If your are involved in a traffic accident with no fault on your own, your are entitled to numerous claims against the insurance  of the owner of the car that caused the accident. In case of an accident, the mandatory  liability insurance  follows the car and not the driver. 


Especially, you do not have to make use of your own car insurance, even if you are offered that service by your insurance.


Especially, your claims are as follows:


a) right to an appraiser of your choice (has to be paid by insurance company)


You do not have to accept the appraiser of the insurance company.  


b) compensation for every day without a car or rental car for the duration of the repair


You do not have to accept a rental car by the insurance company, if you would rather have a daily compensation for not having car.


c) full compensation to repair the car or just accept a money payment without repairing the car according to an appraisal


Special rules apply, if the damages to the car are considered a total loss.


d) compensation for pain and suffering in case of an injury


Personal injury claims vary depending on the injuries which have been sustained.


e) right to a lawyer of your choice (has to be paid by insurance company, if accident was not your fault)


You can hire a lawyer to help you with your claims. If you would like to inquire about this possibility, you are welcome to give me a call at  0631 - 84 27 759. Or you can write me an e-mail to kanzlei(at) and I will respond within one day.


If you do not live in Germany or not anymore, but still have a case in Germany pending or you have claims in Germany due to an accident, I can gladly assist you. Neither a plaintiff nor a defendant have to be necessarily present in Germany in a civil law suit. A lawyer can act as a proxy. I have and still represent clients that live abroad and all cases have been and are very well handled via phone and e-mail.



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